2015 – Feedback from Speakers and Attendees

After the festival we received a gratifyingly large number of unsolicited kudos from both guests and speakers. Here are a few:

"It was a spectacular event, and I was honored to be a part of it. Thanks so much for your gracious hospitality in Kent. As someone who does a reasonable amount of public speaking, I can say with certainty that it was better-organized and more coherent and more elegantly presented than 99 percent of the events in which I participate." Andrew Solomon, Author, Prof. Clinical Psychology at Columbia – Speaker

"The entire event was so brilliantly conceived and so gracefully performed that it is hard to imagine it was the maiden voyage. High points for me were meeting some heroes, like Stewart Brand and Paul Krugman, and listening to smart people I hadn't known about. And the audience was terrifically engaged – lots of good questions at my session and others, and very little self-serving commentary." Harold Varmus, Nobel Laureate, former Director National Cancer Institute – Speaker

"Not enough superlatives exist to thank you for such a magnificent, spectacular, rewarding, enriching three days." Catherine Heald – Attendee

"Just a quick note to tell you both how much damn fun KentPresents was. The sessions, the after hours conversations, the food, the wine, the entertainment, the gorgeous setting, the friendly volunteers and staff--everything was just so well done and made us all feel so comfortable. If I may make that invidious comparison, Aspen (which I enjoy, admittedly) is stressful; Kent was anything but." Joe Nocera, Columnist, The New York Times – Speaker

"KentPresents surpassed anything I could have imagined. The opportunity to mingle and converse with many of today's leaders." Susan Rubinstein – Attendee

"You two did an amazing thing this week. I have been to several pretty special events over the years, but this really was one of the very best. Of course, it was beautifully organized and tremendously interesting, but I think what made it so extra special were your wonderful friends. I met so many interesting, warm, and engaged people—almost every conversation was a gold nugget. Thank you for sharing it all with me." Frances Arnold, Prof. of Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering, Caltech – Speaker

"KentPresents was extraordinary! Breathtaking, really." Emily Soell – Attendee

"That was amazing!!! The crowd, the list of participants, and the opportunity to perform for everyone — simply amazing, and a testament to your ability and dedication to inventing new things that bring enlightenment and pleasure to all. I'm completely in awe and honored to have been included." Jack Viertel, SVP Jujamcyn Theaters, NY City Center Director of Encores! – Speaker

"Flawlessly designed and executed." Mary Close Oppenheimer – Attendee

"You mentioned that one of your goals was for everyone involved, perhaps especially the speakers, to have fun. And fun we did have. Sometimes big events, like this one, fall apart or don't measure up because of logistical failures or infrastructure malfunctions. But not at KentPresents. Your staff was courteous, competent, and oh so capable. And the planning and facilities superb. In the final analysis, the weekend worked because of the "ideas," so eloquently, passionately, and powerfully presented by a group of speakers who knew what they were talking about and how to communicate with those of us who weren't specialists or experts in their fields." David Nasaw, Prof of History, Graduate Center CUNY – Speaker

"The intellectual discourse was superb from beginning to end." Burton Visotzky – Attendee

¨Congratulations on an organizational triumph, and with a teeny tiny staff what's more. A very large achievement, I say as someone who's been at every Aspen Ideas Festival since they began." Corby Kummer, Senior Editor of Atlantic Monthly, Critic – Speaker

"Everything worked – I heard no complaints and lots of praise." Ken Roman – Attendee

"I have seldom seen so many people so happily together sharing and discussing ideas -- KentPresents was a real triumph." Adam Lowe, Founder, Factum Arte, Madrid – Speaker

"I have just arrived home and my head is spinning, what an amazing three days." Carolyn Klemm – Attendee

"Congratulations again on the smashing success of KentPresents! What a dazzling three days, with one great panel after another! It was an honor and a pleasure to have been part of it." Pepe Karmel, Associate Prof. of Art History, NYU – Speaker

"Where do we sign up for 2016?" Julie Bailey – Attendee